Robust Business Applications

Reusabit Software LLC


Custom Web Application Development

A fully custom web application opens up new possibilities that are simply unachievable with the various out-of-the-box solutions. We craft high-quality software tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Depending on your purpose, custom software development can allow you to improve customer experience, create new products, reach new markets, automate repetitive tasks, and/or streamline your operations. (more...)

Custom Backend Web Services

Perhaps you need a custom feature that your current site builder can't handle. As a compromise between out-of-the-box and fully-custom, we can develop an add-on for an existing web application. A custom backend web service can seamlessly integrate with your current site, supporting new capabilities, while maximizing your previous investments. (more...)

Service Models

Fixed Price Contracting

We work collaboratively with you to analyze the requirements, then we give you a quote for each phase of the project, payable upon completion. We offer full-service support and maintenance for hassle-free operations. Fixed pricing minimizes your risk and lowers cost by allowing us to reuse code. (more...)

Hourly Consulting

Appropriate for projects small and large, from trouble-shooting a single vexing problem to full-time engagements. Our expertise enables us to solve complex problems with great efficiency. (more...)

Tech Stack


Kotlin • Spring • Hibernate • JDBC • jOOQ • ANTLR • Junit • iText •
Gradle plugins


Angular • Typescript • RxJS • Bootstrap


Oracle SQL (PL/SQL, APEX) • PostgreSQL


Bash scripting • daemons •
RPM package authoring


S3 • CloudFront • Route53


Git • IntelliJ • InstallShield • Install4J

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