Reusabit Software LLC is a software development firm located in Los Alamos, NM. We focus on software solutions for small business. We offer custom web application development. We can build, host, and maintain your web application using Amazon Web Services. We provide full-stack development, but particularly have deep technical expertise in back-end web services, databases, and integration with third party services.


Rob Pulsipher

Image of Rob Pulsipher Rob is co-owner and the technical arm of Reusabit Software. He has been slinging code since he was 7 years old when his father introduced him to QBASIC. Rob has over fifteen years of professional software development experience. He has worked for Boeing, Wellkeeper Inc., and Los Alamos National Laboratory before founding Reusabit Software.

Rob has always been very particular about the way he builds his applications. He is a perfectionist and likes to write software "the right way".

Software is a constantly evolving field Rob is constantly learning new technologies and adapting to modern languages and best practices.

When he is not driving a keyboard, Rob likes to build things – especially his ever-growing collection of power tools. He approaches his building like he does his software, through a comprehensive understanding of how things are “done right”.

Rob has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico.

Evelena Pulsipher

Image of Evelena Pulsipher Evelena is co-owner and the creative arm of Reusabit Software. She has always loved being creative, from crafting to finding imaginative solutions to obstacles. She is a former middle school math teacher. During her years in the classroom, she has developed many educational aids and games to help students be more engaged in their own learning.

As a mother she has always tried to find better ways to teach her children by creating unique aids to help them learn concepts and develop. She is always researching new techniques and strategies that will make her creations more effective. From songs to games, she has found creative ways to overcome the challenges of engaging children in their own learning.

For many years her creativity was used mainly to help educate her students and children. More recently, she has turned to perfecting her educational aids and games and shares them with other educators though her online teacher store, requiring her to create a website to accompany her creations.

Over the past three years, she has found a creative outlet in web development focusing on user experience. She uses research, best practices and creativity to develop web applications.

When she is not thinking of a more engaging and fun way to reach developing minds or working on web applications, she enjoys sewing, crafting and playing board games with family.

Evelena has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a minor in Math Education from the University of New Mexico.

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