Business networking is a pain.
And, it is time consuming.
And, it is difficult to cut through sales posturing.

Unfortunately, we can not wave a magic wand solve all of those problems...

However, we can help automate some of the drudgery associated with Zoom networking meetings.

Prozezzor is a simple, free utility which extracts contact information from Zoom chat transcripts and exports the data to an Excel spreadsheet. It also eliminates some of the contact duplication inherent to the general usage patterns of the platform. This utility saves precious time that would otherwise be spent manually searching through the files for contact information.

Screenshot of the application's GUI

It is a common practice in a Zoom networking meeting to save multiple copies of the chat because the chat is lost if the user is disconnected. It is also common practice to post contact information multiple times during the meeting in order to ensure that all of the participants have received the contact information. This redundancy, although necessary, often results in duplicated contact information. Prozezzor looks at all of the copies of the transcripts, and pulls out unique contact data, thus removing the duplication.

Prozezzor supports both a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It is open source and written in the Kotlin programming language.

See the project's GitHub page ( for more information.

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