Custom Web Application Development

Custom web application development means that the application is developed from the ground up using powerful frameworks, rather than developing with a content management system (CMS). This allows maximum flexibility, but at an intrinsically higher cost. It is an appropriate solution when you have encountered specific limitations in out-of-the-box solutions and have a compelling business case for building custom software.

Web applications run in the web browser. However, the line between web applications and native applications is blurring, and web applications can often be dressed up to look like native applications with many of the same capabilities. A web application should always be considered before developing a native app.

Use Cases

There are endless use cases for custom web applications. They can be used anywhere that a business has a need.

Some applications are customer-facing. The application can improve user interaction with the brand, or it can provide an entirely new user experience.

Other applications take care of more mundane tasks, providing automation or integration with other systems.

The use case is up to you. We provide the capability to make it happen.

Why Reusabit?

Due to our low overhead compared to larger agencies, Reusabit brings an efficiency to small projects. Despite being a small firm, our developer has extensive industry experience and expertise. We have refined our abilities and are laser focused on our skill-set, which enable us to be highly productive. In consequence, we are able to offer compelling value with both fixed-priced and hourly-priced models for software development.

We are technical movers-and-shakers, not pushy sales-people. Please feel free to contact us, and we can have a genuinely open discussion about your application.

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