Fixed-Priced Contracting

Software development is a complex process. Achieving high quality software requires experience and consistent attention to details. Developing software internally is difficult because:

  • It can be difficult to assemble and retain the right in-house team.
  • Software projects are notoriously difficult to estimate.
  • Effective management requires familiarity with software development.

Contracting out development work allocates risk to a specialized software company. This offers a compelling option for companies with modest development needs.

Why Choose Reusabit Software?

We have strong experience with the whole software lifecycle, from requirements gathering to implementation and ongoing hosting/support.

Our experience gives us confidence to offer fixed pricing for implementation and support with a pay-upon-acceptance model and guaranteed completion dates (details).

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. Call us today for a no-obligation discussion where we can start a dialogue and see what is possible. Within a couple of hours, we can get a good overview of your requirements, and will be able to provide a rough estimate of cost.

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