Gradle Plugins

Solid DevOps is Essential for Microservices

DevOps practices play an extremely important role with a microservices architecture, because microservices implementations multiply the efforts related to building, managing, and deploying artifacts as compared to a monolithic architecture.

Poor DevOps practices are exacerbated when moving to a microservices architecture, and this problem is frequently an unidentified roadblock that prevents microservice adoption by a development team.

How Gradle Fits In

The build system is an important piece of the DevOps puzzle. Gradle is a fantastic build tool and fits this purpose well. It also provides a versatile plugin infrastructure, which can be leveraged for microservices.

In this use case, Gradle plugins can be used to encapsulate build conventions for consistent reuse across a project, team, or organization. It then becomes a one-liner to use a convention by simply including the plugin.

This practice can even make sense for very small conventions, such as setting up commonly used configuration parameters. It is a good practice to factor out any duplicated build logic into a custom Gradle plugin.

But Writing Gradle Plugins is Undifferentiated Heavy-Lifting

However, for most development teams, gradle plugin development is a distraction from their core focus. Although Gradle plugin development isn't rocket science, it does take a measure of finesse to get the plugins just right.

This task is ideally suited for outsourcing. Gradle plugins have well defined requirements and can be completely separated from the applications that they serve. Outsourcing costs a fraction of the time it would take for an internal resource to learn to correctly implement and maintain the plugins.

Let Reusabit Write Your Gradle Plugins

With our service, you receive:

  • Quality plugins
  • Optimization
  • Documentation
  • Permissive license to the source code
  • Direct developer-to-developer support
  • Updates for new releases of Gradle
  • Fixes for compatibility issues with other plugins
  • More time for your team to work on your core product.

This is all offered on an easy-to-budget, fixed-fee contract for implementation and annual support/maintenance.


Give us a call today to offload this important but inconveniently tangential task.

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